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HyVee is just a part time job anymore

Hyvee isn’t a bad company to work for. I’d say it’s far from the best company to work for. HyVee used to be a company you would work for part time in high school then end up being a career job because the company would treat you well. Now it’s just a part time job anymore. No longer would it be a career path I would take. With that being said good luck retaining talent to work at these store. The smart ones will just move on.

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Part time employees are great. You don’t have to pay them benefits or pay them as much as full time employees. I’d says if stores can only have part timers why can’t the corporate office hire part time employees. Saves the company money right. Don’t focus on the sh-t quality of work part timers put out. They are not that invest in the company so why give a sh-t. They expect the stores to make it work. Make part time jobs in the office work too.

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