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Asking TE&Y crews .

Did your trips take less time in hours before psr , for the same route now? Just wondering, how the rr runs after psr for a few years.

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Waaaaay longer. Velocity is in the toilet #'s wise.

What used to be 6-7 hour trips have become 11:59 IF you're lucky, bit more than likely you're getting chase patched due to a combination of congestion and lack of horse power. . We have guys that are at the cusp of reaching the limbo time limit regularly.

The amount of stalled trains is skyrocketing. You'd think that when calculating required horse power that the geniuses in Omaha would realize that a 25 year old unit probably does not pull as hard as it did when it was rolled off the line...

Even IF you can get over the road you cannot get into town to crew change because they've got multiple trains staged to do enroute switching at the terminal and/or yarders that won't fit.

PSR had "optimized" and "Streamlined" manpower to "just enough" on paper, unfortunately that makes your average Wednesday availability look like Super Bowl Sunday.

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Eh, I’d say you cant really compare origin - destination times unless you factor in car loadings. 160,000 a week VS. 200,000 a week is going to drastically change traffic AND velocity. There is NO way UP could handle a 20-30% increase in business with current PSR staff levels. Hence one reason why they are telling select customers in the present they cant (wont) move their freight. Think about it, cant properly move what they have now, cant hire people to fill positions, derailments now, etc. Add more volume and PSR would be super exposed undeniably proving to be much worse than just a mistake. UP would have to either double the pay for employees and still hire more employees or if they leave the pay the same they’ll have to double the size of the work force so the jobs arent so demanding, stressful, and impossible to complete properly.

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They take longer, often alot longer. There are a few factors behind it. 1 Corridor managers are garbage (Looking at you Crafton). They lack any common sense and forethought. Calling multiple crews even though they know there are no vans. Running multiple 10k+ foot trains into 1 terminal in a short time.

  1. Train length and build. 12k ft train. Mid train set out that is split by a dpu. Then the pick up is on the rear , but the dpu now needs to be moved oh and now you have to take the 3rd engine in your headend consist and make that the rear dpu. This is a daily occurrence and takes usually 6+ hours to complete. So it's not gonna make it to the next terminal and has to be recrewed. Short on crews though, so it dies on the main blocking traffic.
  2. Dispatchers are new to the territory and don't understand the lay of the land. So they make bad choices which plug yards and main lines.
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