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Another new executive

While we in POLS and others in different divisions are facing potential job eliminations, another executive was hired. I completely understand that the position is open, but it is alarming that so many executive positions are open. Studies show that this is a red flag for investors and stakeholders. With the never ending changes to our leadership, we must look like we are totally sinking...oh, that's right, we are.

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@cxpz+1gCIPzan They definitely needed the software engineers more. Still do. For a tech transformation, everything is a glitch followed by an excuse. A defensive turn on the victim of the malfunction excuse. Never accountability.

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While at Pearson under Fallon they announced two brand new C-level positions (Inclusion and Strategy) while at the same time announcing layoffs of rank-n-file software engineers. After a town hall there was an opportunity to give anonymous feedback and I pointed out the hypocrisy of these moves...they did end up cancelling the new C-level additions.

Apparently the new leadership remains just as out of touch.

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Pearson and all other legacy publishers seem to enjoy...or "revel" in the fact that they are used, ridiculed and abused by professors and students.

Face it. The model doesn't work and hasn't for years.

It will be a slow race to the bottom and look out when enrollments fall off a cliff in 2024 and never come back. Its basic demographics.

The smartest people in the room at Pearson, all now retired weren't the smartest people in the room. They just got lucky by record numbers of students buying the BS mantra that everyone needs to go to college. That balloon has now popped.

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Pearson sales people tend to be a-holes. This is not universally true, but it is mostly true. A lot of talking and very little listening. Pushy and exhausting.

Revel is a pain. Faculty grow accustom eventually, but their students complain endlessly. This affects end-of-term reviews and makes college faculty more than receptive to alternatives.

MyLab is 2015. It is a disaster.

This is just HED, which of course continues to be one of the larger pieces of the revenue pie, even today.

The content, the new first editions, the revisions . . . ? What are those?

A normal apple rots from the outside in, but in Pearson's case, it is the reverse. Tend to the core, the fruit will become delectable again. Until then . . . ? Well, Pearson remains the market leader. Until the fundamentals are fixed, there is nothing left but to wither and shrink.

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As long as we continue to follow the LMP and review numbers in tableau everything will be fine. Also book club will lift our spirits. Next week is spirit week and I hear they are planning some pretty cool stuff. I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I hope everyone is excited to wear their pj’s on zoom.

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