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Red badge amazonian here. I was told yesterday that I will be put in focus. I have some interviews lined up but not very confident as I have not interviewed for a job in 10 yrs. I'm being treated for anxiety, depression for over a year. I'm a recovering alcoholic and fell off the wagon yesterday after 30 days sober.

Taking advantage of anonymity to get some advice on next steps.

Should I go through focus and get paid for interview prep or take the severance now (blind says it is 83weekly_base_pay). Is FMLA an option?

Edit 3/27: Thanks for all the support. I was off on a 2 day bender right after I posted this. The msgs here gives me hope that I can get back on the wagon. I just applied for FMLA.

To answer some questions here

  • I’m not on a VISA.
  • Both my manager and skip know about my mental health issues, my failed attempt to ki-l myself (not AUD though) and that I’m on multiple medications for >1yr.
  • I’ve always been ‘exceeds/TT’ except the last couple of years.
  • I’m an SDM and have pip’ed one SDE before though I didn’t want to. It is in the same org. I’m not brave enough to go against the establishment. I get why some ppl are happy to see an SDM facing this.
  • Focus or Pivot - I’m in focus now, but my manager said I’m not a good fit for the team. “Even if” I come out of focus, I need to move out. He also mentioned that Focus won’t last until the next stock vest. Writing is on the wall now.


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I was in a similar situation. I'm a five year employee. Horrible boss, massive depression last year. I got on focus. I was able to take care of underlying issues and move on to a better group. They actually helped me out of focus and into another team. Things are good now but I didn't get a raise. There's hope

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Take disability.
Worry about the exit process later.

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Take the arrow straight up and out.
You are number one.

The trees they cut down in the Amazon.

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go on short term disability, fmla, asap. that's what the program is for. you take care of the issues that are causing performance issues. you go with that first.

everything else is secondary.

focus can be cleared

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