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What is going on with this? Time to get this one, out!


What will be amusing is if Oracle ever tries to litigate such a patent against another company. The alleged infringer might be able to argue and prevail because the actual inventor is not on the patent. US law requires the actual inventor be named. Filing without correct inventors for deceptive or fraudulent purposes...sayonara patent!
Read up on this.

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Do not worry. The person that is paid well to be responsible has not been responsible. Truth can not hidden and Justice will be served.

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The sooner this VP pays for his wrong doing the sooner Oracle will be cleaned up. The only Govt needs to make an example out this VP so that Oracle’s good reputation can be restored. The public needs to know about this VP.
Oracle stock price will increase tremendously when the public finds that Oracle is cleaning up corrupt VP’s.

It is my understanding that The VP pressured the manager to get
the patent done by inventor. Manager had to give VP patent. VP took inventors name off and added his own name and filed. which he had to give to VP. VP put his own name on patent. VP then blamed manager for setting him up. It is believed this was the good manager that got fired because he was good and replaced by a corrupt manager which VP is pleased to have.

When someone posted instructions for the unrecognized inventor that is no longer Oracle re: link to search patents, VP immediately posts, “do not go there this is a setup”
I hope the inventor that didn’t know if anything had ever been done with patent found his patent on website minus his name and will send a letter to the Dept of Justice, attorney generals office, Washington DC also to assistant attorney general Richard B Russell Federal Building Atlanta GA.
Anybody that is aware of this, please contact do the same so that this will set a precedence to the public that corrupt behavior is not tolerated at Oracle.

If you were supposed to have a patent and the same thing happened to you I ask you to please report to the same.

Restitution is due to inventors from this corrupt VP and the Govt will collect the money and will make sure you get. He has been paid royalties for work he never did. He has stolen this from you.

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If you think it's garbage then, you are garbage.

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Guess the article re: investors shows how little you know.
There will be another article coming out re: patents....stay tuned

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This is nonsense. This guy was first ranting about "Atlanta" vps, then he was claiming to be a concerned investor (LOL), now he's ranting about some specific VP, that most likely does not exist.
What this guy is posting is garbage.

Looks like the garbage re: the specific VP that you said does not exist unfortunately does exists at O at least for now. I think you know his dirty tricks better than.anyone. Time for truth. It can not be hidden and it will be very interesting.

This particular VP that was said not to exist will be the perfect candidate to take the fall for the cloud fraud issues in CA. Hopefully O will choose him for that job.
Timing is perfect for layoffs. And patents filed will be shared publicly and with CA attorney and various news outlets nationwide. . This VP might just get credit for what he really did instead of what he took credit for but did not do. His name could be mentioned in national news.
It will be a fun story to watch.

Interesting in the same week, there is a group investors in court re; all the things that were mentioned to be cr-p. Obviously the Judge does not agree that it’s all cr-p. It was also stated that LE would not get involved but looks the judge has decided he will.

So far this batting average is not good. I don’t think anyone believes this VP exists. The same VP mentioned the other day that no one that matters cares about what we have to say. Wrong again, the judge cares.

This VP has caused more pain to many than anyone else has. Looks like what goes around will be coming around, very soon.

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investors are concerned, money does that and customers, too. might be surprised how many of both check out these threads. best thing to do is let the authorities decide if patents are kosher. that might be best thing to change things.
this is a total sh-t show for sure.

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As one poster states.
US law requires the actual inventor to be named. Filing without correct inventors for deceptive or fraudulent purposes...sayonara patent!
Read up on this.

Your deflecting and trying to discredit another poster does not change the facts.
The actual inventor was not named on patent thus, according to the law Oracles patent no longer exists and it seems that, Oracle has a fraudulent patent with U.S. Patents. According to U.S. law the filer filed a fraudulent patent. The other patents that this filer filed should probably need to be investigated. Discrediting a poster does not change the facts, a fraudulent patent was filed.
Blaming a senior director for setting up filer, to shift the blame does not change the responsibility of the filer. The filer is responsible for all contents of the patent to be true. . The small amount of money, as you mention is the same principle as a royalty. Because it was small amount is immaterial, the person that received the money, taking credit for a fraudulent patent is telling.

The point is, there is a reason credit was taken from actual inventor and given to someone else and possibly others, Filing a false patent with the U.S. government makes filer liable not just to Oracle but to the U.S. govt. This puts Oracle is bad place and once known, Oracle should remove this person from a position of responsibility. According to the law, this person has committed a felony.

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This is all cr-p. Oracle patents are owned by Oracle. Yes, there is an inventor listed, but that person does not get "royalties" for the patent as stated above. The person gets a small amount of money for the patent, but Oracle owns the patent and the code.

This is nonsense. This guy was first ranting about "Atlanta" vps, then he was claiming to be a concerned investor (LOL), now he's ranting about some specific VP, that most likely does not exist.

What this guy is posting is garbage.

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Things are a big mess. Oracle has much potential. We just need good management.

Management needs to realize the value of the hard working employees. Healthy companies know that their employees are their greatest asset. O needs to recognize that those at their level are corrupt, the proof is in the pudding, stealing work from their own employees for their own personal gain. That is the major weakness in the company. Until leadership takes responsibility and “layoffs”, removes the weeds within their own the company will continue to spiral downward.

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