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Oracle missed the cloud, Market share dropped from 36% in 2017 to 20% in 2021

Garter published a recent report. The database market has doubled in size since 2017, almost all of the growth has been in cloud. 2021 market the year that the cloud database market was as big as the on premises market.

Oracle: 2017 36%, 2021 20%
AWS: 2017 9%, 2021 24%
Microsoft: 2017 22%, 2021 24%
IBM: 2017 13%, 2021 6%

Oracle cloud runs by its self in a rented Equinix data center. The rest of the world has AWS, Azure and Google all building back bones between their data centers. Cutting edge technologies; Machine learning, Data warehousing, SaaS solutions, Private link, Super fast networking speeds all exist outside of Oracle OCI.

Way to go Oracle! Keep up the fight. Double down and win the cloud market with software all by yourself! Don't let the rest of the world out pace you. Just develop everything the rest of the world has with your own better software. Your cloud strategy has clearly paid off.

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