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Why we should not be surprised by what really drives LE

Nobody should be the least bit surprised by LE's constant involvement in buying ( and taking down) acquisitions. The fact of the matter is this is exactly how he grew the company and his own bank account in the first place. Oracle has been living off of the short term rewards the acquisitions have offered before they were sidelined. Let's see there was PeopleSoft, Siebel, BEA, Sun Mircosystems, etc... all acquired by LE and where are they now?

He depended on this shell game even for his own amusement and profit to make the books look good and then when they began to wan, he went and bought somebody else. When Benioff left O to start Salesforce, it was Larry who was one of the first investors in Salesforce, which paid of handsomely for him personally. Investing in a competitor , who does that ??

It's all about the con game, making investors think you are something you are not.

Hey Larry stick to what you interest you the most - Yacht Racing !!

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Read that he pushed his way into Elon Musk’s office, recently & slammed a check down on his desk for $1B for Twitter.

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Thought it was gifting cars or whatever replaced that?

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