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TDC leadership avoids two numbers no matter how many times they are asked

Total number of customers, and new customer wins. TDC had ~1200 customers in 2015, now they have less than 800 customers. This should alarm all investors. We reported the number of new customer wins a few years ago and had a goal to win 100 annually. Now we will not give a number, even internally since they are winning less than 10 a year. Kind of funny since we call ourselves and analytics company and pretend like we don't know how many customers we have. I can't believe these astute financial analysts let SM get away with the evasiveness. Probably why the stock is tanking...

@3fcy+1gBfRANk is 100% on point.

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Yes and if you call yourself an "analytics company" and you can not answer these two basic questions that is proof you are either purposely hiding information or you are clueless. Either one is not good. This is the beginning of the end for TDC, The Dying Company.

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Just for fun, ask SM and the ELT in the next all hands or via Yammer these two questions and see what answer they give you. New customers are the lifeblood of a company and prove you are still relevant in the industry. We are losing our best customers like Wal Mart and Apple to cloud native competitors and not replacing them with new customers. You can only migrate your existing base to the cloud for so long. I only have two years left before I retire so I am staying to turn out the lights. But if you are under 50, get out as fast as you can.

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