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Am I the only one who i disturbed by the lack of safeguards, process or process that allows a in-the-market traded organization to continue without leadership or board of director changes? I do not see any action when there should be action. I dont see an outside firm who is going to investigate the ethics, retaliation or lack of human resource claims. I dont see the board side stepping a CEO or a CRO who clearly only care about money....and the irony. the focus on money is why they keep loosing so much money as they have zero leadership skills to grow and expand and innovate. why are people so complacent. I am so confused???? ALSO...there seems to be a moster as head of sales. What the what? how does that continue? there is a glaring trend.

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Don’t worry when the stock is this battered the BOD will have to take action

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im beyond disturbed. i cant understand how this is legally possible. what about state employment rules? what about EEOC? what about basic standards?

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