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I am saddened right now by this company

I have been with Teradata for 14 years and I have to say that I have never seen a company fall so far from grace so fast. The simplistic problems I see are:

  • Moving the headquarters from economy minded Miamisburg, OH to San Diego, California, the most expensive state in the US. Miamisburg enployeed 450 people, all supporting the infrastructure of the company. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Management, Procurement, HR, CRE and most importantly, a robust IT group. So now we've closed the building and it's been sitting empty since, with a lease that doesn't run out for what I've heard is several more years. But I guess it was more important to give Teradata the "Silicon Valley" look. And on top of it, a lot of those people from Miamisburg are now contracting for the company, virtually, still in Ohio.
  • Next, I see an LT that is so obsessed with "core values", "diversity" and "inclusion", that they have to tell us that multiple times a month. When I was growing up, I was taught those things by my parents. Like "be respectful and nice to people all the time - all people". I want my LT to tell me what direction this company is going and how they plan to make it successful, all the while all employees see it like a house of cards, falling down. I don't need them to tell me about being kind - that's a parents job.
  • While the LT is talking about the points above, tons of knowledge is walking out the door and not being replaced. The work is just being handed to someone else that has, for now, decided to stay. Burn out - they could care less.
  • How many more VP's and above does one company need? We bring on another and another and another and pay them huge paychecks, all the while, we let knowledgable, lower level people that do all the work, leave and not be replaced. And then they ask the departments to give back budget money that the departments don't need when the departments are already working on a shoe string as it is. I guess that money is needed to pay for another one of "those VP's or above".
  • And of course - then there's the "People Organization". I can't even go into how I feel about that name and the amount of money I'm sure was spent while the multiples of people sat around a table to come up with it.
  • And lastly - we were asked to fill out a survey about "what we like about working for Teradata". Well, considering everyone I talk to is saying the same thing as above, I'm sure that was a short survey.

LT, let's get back to what made Teradata a successfull company to begin with. And a company that we were all proud and respectful of. What is happening now is a disgrace and only keeps getting worse. If you don't believe it, look at your stock price and maybe this site!

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There were some good PMs but listening to customers and building features that actually solve their problems doesn't get you a good performance review at TD so they left.

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The PM office is a joke also. It's bad when incompetent PMs think they know more than the people doing the real work. I thought I would only leave for a top company like Google, Apple, etc, but now I plan to leave soon because of the incompetent and toxic PMs.

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This company was mess longer than 6 years ago! Some of the bozo leadership they brought in to fix it couldn’t figure out how to fix the culture the previous owner created. Its NCR at fault with bozo the clown riding it into the drain

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Maybe I am ignorant but is this not a relatively new LT? I can’t imagine trying to make something work from the mess of what this company became over the last 6 + years. Easy to blame LT but they created little of this problem. Now are there some real issue with some? You bet. But the issues run deep.

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I agree with all of this except the dead weight from VP on up. It’s more like director on up.

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Was with you OP until the last paragraph. There's no point appealing to the LT when they couldn't turn things around if their lives depended on it. Rather than do the honorable thing and resign, they sing and dance for as long as they can in order to grab as much cash as they can. That's what the DEI sermons are really all about. If you look at where these people live and send their kids to school, you'll see they're about as good at living the DEI values as they are at leading a company.

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Very well said.
Transforming, for the last n years
So called “People organization”
DEI sermons: 3-5 times a day
Mandatory meetings about “how empowering people” and what nots.
Too much fluffy roles that add no value.
Attrition with no replacement.

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