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As one of those employees -

Through d-mb luck, GA was in the right place at the right time for 9/11, because they had the only drone capable of carrying missiles. The company confused being the only game in town with being the “best”, and that early success went to their heads. Since 9/11, GA continued to develop bigger, heavier, and more expensive products. Meanwhile competitors have have been developing smaller, lighter, and cheaper products. Customers can pay $20M for a GA product, then wait months or years for the US government to allow the sale, or they can get something from China, Israel, Turkey, etc, for 10X less and get it much faster. Meanwhile, rich customers demand stealth (because, why wouldn’t they) but GA doesn’t have the money or brain power to develop such a product.
When COVID hit, GA first reaction was to pretend it didn’t exist, even denying the first cases within the company. After it was declared a national emergency, GA reluctantly started allowing work-from-home (WFH). A year later, the CEO stated that WFH had worked far better than expected (note the tone-deaf subtext that he expected it to fail). In mid-2021, GA ordered everyone back to the office, forgetting that WFH had worked. Employees were told “… being in the office is best because you can work with people face to face”, yet now GA is offering fulltime WFH, like they came up with this novel idea.
Why now? Upper management had deluded themselves into thinking that everyone would forget about WFH, but the cat was out of the bag. GA (and Corporate American in general) has been completely tone deaf on WFH, thinking it would go away if they just pretended hard enough. No, younger applicants not only expect WFH, they demand it. Older employees are either retiring or leaving for better jobs, and young applicants were going to companies that offered WFH. Once again, GA was dragged, kicking and whining, into dealing with the situation. It’s a common theme: GA always doing whatever maximizes corporate income, always at the expense of its employees’ pocketbook or wellbeing.
When I was there, GA never had a layoff – even when they should have. Case in point, they were so sure they were going to get a contract, they hired a bunch of people ahead of time. Alas, they did not get the contract, and had several hundred new employees with nothing to do. Instead of laying them off and getting on with business - a clean break - they pretended everything was fine and forcedly adsorbed the new employees into departments that had no need for them, running up overhead costs and lowering productivity. Not surprisingly, department budgets were in the red half way through that year.
In late 2021, GA offered voluntary retirement to a large number of older employees, no doubt thinking that they could pay younger employees less money to do the same job, minus any experience. The flaw was thinking that younger people would be attracted to a company not offering WFH.
GA isn’t going away anytime soon, and will continue puttering along supporting existing products. The writing is on the wall however, that the industry is passing them by. GA is best summed up by a management comment made during a “town hall meeting”, when an employee asked if a previously promised company swimming pool would be installed. The management response was “you guys don’t need a pool, you need to be working.” Totally tone deaf, but that’s okay, people can always leave, and are.

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You on actual read the whole post? Wow!

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As a privately owned company no one can know how the company is actually doing, but there are signs. What happened to the company picnic? Why did the holiday dinner become a buffet? Why are holiday bonuses given later and later in the year? And each manager is given a fixed bonus amount weighted on the employees value per the supervisor. Used to be weighed on how long you were with the company.

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This is the most id--t post I have read. What you said is going on with a lot of companies
Also just how many employees at GA really want a swimming pool besides the id--t that asked the question? Swimming pools are not that hard to find in Calif and these is always the Beach.

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