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Claims to Build EXPERIENCES THAT MATTER – They Have Given Me the SINGLE WORST EXPERIENCE of My Entire Career. Avaya is very unique in

Avaya is very unique in the fact that they are PUBLICLY TRADED yet behave like a small Mom and Pop who only hires friends and family. They do not operate following or PRACTICE any of the guidelines that they are to follow to be approved on NASDAQ. We all have documented evidence that they operated WITHOUT a CORPORATE COMPLIANCE CODE OF CONDUCT from 2018-April 29, 2019. They operate following a ZERO SUM GAME. philosophy.

Avaya’s Go-to-Market Strategy, People/Employee Management, Partner Investment and R&D/Innovation Investment only has one common denominator – ZERO SUM! Such a model is only very short term, does not innovate and it does not survive beyond brief gains that are now long gone.

A zero-sum game describes a relationship, competition, or business deal where one person's gain is the other person's loss. The phrase "zero-sum game" comes from game theory and the notion that if one person wins and the other person loses, this produces a net gain of zero

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They turned down many a deal way above the stock price today. Why ? Ceo was too greedy

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Looks like everyone loses now. Too bad the board of directors didn't stop this when it became painfully obvious 3 years ago.

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