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OCI fraud


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This case, article has opened a pandora's box. There is a group of investors on the East Coast that, want to work on a solution so, they are working to get rid of the current
There is too much going on and all roads lead back to him. Patent(s) fraud, , employee abuse, product undeveloped and shareholders worried about their money and Oracle not holding people accountable. Legal and internal compliance auditors should have caught the fraudulent patent(s), They will not be happy that he lied to them and now they look bad, The inventor could sue Oracle - and the thing is Oracle doesn't care ...but real people do care and the authorities do care,
Employee abuse, no excuses for any of this. They are looking into that, as well.

Obviously, legal and accounting do not know him. He puts on a front for a little while but, truth is, he is as d-mb as box of rocks, lazy as a pile sh_t and as mean as they come.

Many of these investors read these threads. It's amazing what they have learned. They hate that people are treated badly. Hopefully, a newspaper article or two about this clown's downfall will get the others to straighten up their act. Upper Management is going to have to develop internal control proceudures. To think that an employee can not talk to their supervisor or HR is horrible.

The investors have their own thread and , (a friend has read some of the comments to me over the phone) they can always tell when he spouts off, always blaming someone else, criticizing, condemning, degrading everyone that speaks about anything that he is paid to be responsible and he's not.

The fraudulent patent(s) is probably what will take him out, kicking and screaming. No telling how many more he has filed, fraudulently.
There are very specific rules for filing patents and the filer signs an oath. Take a look,

They are curious about not being able to pay developers enough to attract employees that are going to the competition. They also believe the people they have would do well with training and new VP. There is no leader. No captain for this ship. Some think that the money is probably allocated but, this VP most likely keeps the Lions' share for himself and spreads what he thinks he can get by with to the others. They are going to mention this either to upper management or to a news journalist. For investors to go to court and attract the media means that they are serious about the management where their money is invested. This clown scolded someone not long ago that, shareholders do not get involved in management decisions.
Elon Musk said when he was buying Twitter, the board of directors should not vote him buying, the shareholders own the company, not the board. LE owns 40% who owns the other 60% of Oracle? duh....

If I were him, I think I would probably take the advice (which was a funny joke) of one OP and head to Mexico. Problem is, I don't think he would blend in well there but, he is not blending in (as being a respected team member) where he is. He is nasty mind controlling freak. He has a lot ahead of him and none of it is good..

Sayonara PD VP!

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Oracle is run by a bunch of crooks, YES!

Patent fraud by corrupt PD VP

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Yep and the PD VP needs to be investigated.

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This one is not paywalled

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Oracle is run by a bunch of crooks. Get out of Oracle!

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