Thread regarding MetricStream, Inc layoffs

Complete Failure

not flexible & configurable
No Seamless integrations
Better model for metricstream is paas not saas
Upgrade is rocket science
Customers need metricstream support to build small reports or dashboards to code
Sticking to small customers ignoring enterprise customers
Performance sucks
Wrong and political people in the system. People work here just to stay in higher positions.
Keep changing management
Focus is not on what is importent than what is not importent
Reporting Tool is just a excel accessing basic features of excel.
Coding is difficult and necessary.
Not using open source softwares
Deny to customize, not easy to customize by customers on their own using the stepid tool introduced by AB
No ambitions from the beginning and raised the necessary capital based on the scope of useless work like VB M7
Lost exceptional talent across the board for the V's and AB's failures
Failed to communicate with their customers or advertise their brands, products or services
Every business model is different, you must stop copying other successful companies models. Work on never loose customer policy even customer not paying - some day it comeback.
And finally stop having a VP every 5 resources - think why the company need a manager a director a VP for one SMTS

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