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Broken promises

I’m trying to summarize how many times a manager has broken his promises to us lately.

This company makes a variety of promises so that employees keep their side of the deal by doing their job well.

Now everyone knows that the company never fulfills any of that. Extremely frustrating, isn't it?

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I must echo the "promises" having been limited to threats and fear mongering.

Constant bullying and fear tactics. When i resigned, I did not have a separation agreement. I resigned. I was full PTSD (and needed to focus on it becoming POST and not CURRENT TRAUMA) from the last 3 years at Avaya. In doing so, they sent me legal language implying that I had signed something (that didnt exist). The only legal issues that I am held accountable for is not sharing trade secrets or deliberately seeking to move a customer from Avaya to a new employer. However, they sent me a letter stating "just to remind you" and claimed I couldn't work for a competitor (not true) and a layering list of claims. This is predatory and wrong. Isn't there accountability for a NYSE company to send false threats that are not backed legally?
Even in me resigning, they are still promising to hurt me. Avaya's specialty!

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WHAT PROMISES? Promise to be blamed for the failures at the top? Promised to be threatened to lose your job every week when your regional leader spazzes out becuase the head of sales tears him up? Those are the only promises I know!!

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Promises? To be fired? Ha ha ha. Yes. There are lots of those kind of promises! Be well. And don't let them get you down. They are not worth it. We are a great tribe of talented professionals and reach out to your peers. We are all in this together.

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