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THE PRICE GOES UP -- Every Time History Repeats Itself

STOP SILENCING US! If any of this is wrong why does Avaya fight to delete so many of these posts?

The philosopher George Santayana wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Some- one else, forever known as Anonymous, added, “Every time history repeats itself the price goes up.”

Avaya, Ladies and Gentleman. THIS IS AVAYA.

It was clear 3 years ago that there was a flaw in the race to cloud plan (without a viable cloud solution). There is one clear answer. It was only to change market percepetion

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5 replies (most recent on top) team furiously fighting to control the message. Just like they pay off the analysts to spin facts, misleading investors and the market. I was on an interview with a competitor last week. They told me "80% of our resumes come from Avaya". They then said "We have been told to steer clear from anyone in Sales Leadership, Executive Leadership and Marketing/Product Marketing, yet that the Engineers are top notch". I couldn't agree more! Yet ironic considering Avaya attempted to marginalize all engineers and consolidate roles -- of the one specialty that they are losing faster than any other, and the one who is in highest demand in the open market. Just bizarre inability to assess talent and skills properly. Another sign that they have zero human resources.

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I have read some good things...that are within the rules of the site -- yet disappear. It is always related to true insights of the company, not trade secrets or anything of the like. It really is fascinating how i can find the post where an employee is calling for SEC review based on inconsistencies in reporting. There is also a rule about retaliation for a publicly traded company. Im waiting for the email that scolds us all about posting on this site.

Let's just all agree Avaya is not a two-way communication organization. There are no policies that they follow as a result of "employee feedback"

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dont use names
dont swear
no politics or religion
no threats

there are rules in the footer

also, if they deleted you before they block new posts, maybe try a different device

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