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PIP question - Should I Wait?

I was informed that I am officially in PIP!!!

I have two months from now to get out of PIP by meeting the outlined goal(s).

I've been with Amazon for 2.5 years and my next vest is due in about 2.5 months (I am getting $30K).

Anyhow, here is the question... I should stay and vest or take severance and jet immediately???

I am not sure if I am getting severance and how much would be coming my way???


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Take the severance if one is offered.......If one isn't offered, you need to jet for this is a way to fire you and not pay out anything and even challenge your unemployment-
Home Depot did this to me back when the housing bubble burst, if I had decided to stay on the PIP and not take the severance, they were gonna set me up to be terminated whereas I wouldn't get anything including being rendered ineligible for future re-hire-
The purpose of putting you on the PIP is to thin the herd by getting you off of the payroll and reducing their commitment to employee benefits

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You need to look at the paperwork, options outlined and numbers they have you for severance.

If you do not have that then you are in FOCUS and you have 2 months to improve your performance.

At the end of that 2 months, if things did not improve, you get the severance offer and have 5 days to decide what to do (take severance).

If you decide to take the severance, you will leave the company within five days.

That basically puts you at vesting. If your manager is cool, they can put your last day worked as x date and your separation date as being after your vest date. That way you get your severance and your vest.

If things develop this way then it's in Amazon's best interest to do that, otherwise you can drag three process on fire a couple more months and make everyone miserable while you do.

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