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Survey time!

Are you having more career discussions lately? Hearing more praise than usual? Hearing more about flexibility? Receiving gifts in the mail?

HR is conducting engagement surveys soon, so if your senior leadership team is suddenly more open to your thoughts and opinions, you know why.

It’s important to your leaders and THEIR careers that they look good on these surveys, so right now they may be buttering you up with praise and engaging conversations when before, and most of the year, they were relentless a-holes.

Try not to get distracted with this sudden change of behavior.

Don’t forget your workload and how you have been treated.

Don’t forget how they’ve promised growth opportunities but never delivered despite asking for updates and jumping through every hoop they put out there.

Don’t forget the hours you’ve worked at night, over weekends, and holidays where you worked at the expense of time with your family just to keep up with work volume.

Don’t forget how the company recently raised earnings estimates on the backs of earlier layoffs with senior leadership still embracing a preference to overwork a smaller workforce vs staffing to support volume and growth.

Don’t forget how they responded when you went to them asking for assistance or guidance on any of the above items and you were met with both ambivalence and negativity.

Now, people are leaving in record numbers, morale is lower than ever, and suddenly senior leadership wants to improve engagement and retention.

Stay focused. Many of those leaders that got us into this mess are still here. They’ll change their approach to managing you for just long enough to improve their scores on the survey and then go right back to their old ways once the results are in.

Be honest on your survey. Yes, there are good leaders who try hard all year long but have their hands tied. By all means, praise the good ones. They often bleed with you and try to shield you from the bs coming from higher levels.

But for those that deserve your direct and honest feedback, give it to them.

One final thought before ending this rant…

Know that the survey is not anonymous. Using a 3rd party that sends unique links to unique email addresses guarantees a way to trace survey responses to an email address. HR can always connect those dots for your leaders.

I say, who cares. Give them your thoughts anyway.

This company could be great but it won’t change of people are afraid to provide honest and open feedback.

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