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AM LAYOFF CONSEQUENCE-- Key Prospects/Accounts being Ignored

I was part of the March 1 2022 RIF. I had a large pipeline of REAL opportunities. These clients/prospects have reached out to me to see if I have landed a competitor because they don't have anyone from Avaya to support them. Seriously. The RSL is a good ol Avaya , been-there-since-college-type of follower. They are just doing what they know has always worked -- Do what makes the VP of Sales happy (which in this generation at Avaya, that is a Salesforce obsessed man who only cares about immediate Faux-Cloud deals, and he has zero interest in deals that would be significant to Avaya in Q4 or Q1 2023. That is why Avaya will never figure it out. They have little to nothing to close now because they don't ever prepare and think about tomorrows customer. And clients/prospects have LOOOOoooNG memories. The CEO never visits clients. They just have dozens of weekly meetings looking at forecast and speak down to the account teams. Yet no one can be bothered to engage with the clients.
Also, I am so so curious. Why is it that the competitors, who have all lived in the same market with Avaya and have also faced COVID and Ukraine invasion...why is it that these competitors don't have the same dismal earnings? Hmm...thats right! They have MUCH different leadership!

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Yep. I spoke with my old SE (the engineer they pulled away from the AMs before the RIF - before they realized how ridiculous the shuffling was and returned them back to account teams). They told me that not only have the RSLs dropped the ball on prospects and accounts that lost their AM, but when they seek out help to address client needs they are met with a chorus of "that's not my job" by anyone who remains. They chose the wrong AMs to let go...they kept the ones who play the politics, and let the customer forward ones go. How is that going to work out for them?

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