Thread regarding California Resources Corporation layoffs

Is CRC still a reputable company?

They used to be one of the best?
What about now?

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Yes. it is still a very reputable company. Here are its stand out attributes:

  1. We have excellent chance of promotion because many above you are leaving.
  2. We have excellent job security because our peers are leaving.
  3. If you are less than 42 years old, you will not be targeted for layoffs. look at the Long Beach office. There are only a handful of people over 42 in the Petro-tech domain. everyone else got let go. I would be curious if HR can share the average age at CRC spin off and average age now for non-field personnel.
  4. It's reputation to keep existing assets going is amazing. The company has no 'growth' team. CRC has not discovered an oil and gas field. ever. read that again. ever wonder why our production keeps dropping... i mean...we have a reputation for how we are still able to keep production going.
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