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I'm confused

Did layoffs happen or not? I haven't heard anything at work but that wouldn't be the first time considering the overall lack of communication and transparency at this place. In any case, I would really appreciate it if somebody could confirm if something happened, where it happened, and how many were hit.

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Trust me, you'll feel it coming. I got let go during covid in July 2020 but got notified a month in advance.

Director pinged me at 7AM asking we could chat. At that point, my suspicions were correct. I knew I was going to let go a couple of months prior.

How did I know? Instinct. It's astounding what the human mind can preceive. There's a lot of background statistical mathematics that your subconscious does, that we take for granted.

Everyone, not just me, had work that slowed down significantly, this was the major sign. Our VP was not really assigning work for anyone, it's almost like he just gave up or his higher ups just told him to stop trying. I just happened to be one of few people that were selected to leave in my org and the company. Ever since, things got worse, director left to be director elsewhere internally... kinda wish I had that job security to be able to swim and not sink. Retrospect, I am kind of happy I'm not there. The guy who let me go couldn't maintain his own organization, bitter irony.

Top engineers left soon after me, organization and product lines are now discontinued, remaining people got spread out to many other places internally.

If you have to ask if where layoffs are happening, that shows that you are unhappy with your work AND not confident with the company. Both are okay and acceptable because.... well... HPE is just not a good company. Sure their new HQ looks pretty nice but this is a massive fa├žade. Ironically the people who let you go are the ones who are failing, not you. But you are in the crossfire for their failures

Good luck!

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It's always happening, it's just hidden because they do it in small groups so as not to have to announce it. Pointnext in a s hit ho-e useless organization that is run by a bunch of id--ts. I know, I was a part of it.

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you were let go last monday but because of loss of man power it hasnt been communicated to you yet. Pack your s hit and gfo

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I was laid off along with several of my counterparts in the Pointnext NA Supply Chain organization. Our last day of employment was May 6th. I'm not sure how many individuals were impacted across the organization but I know at least 10 - 15 of us that support the NA US GEOs were impacted. We were notified on 04/25.

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