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Green energy push will create layoffs for 273

The green energy agenda will create massive layoff and cuts in 273 and the power division globally. Don’t be fooled get out while the getten is good. The Great Reset in GE is coming. When the new company who buys Power comes in and looks around. It’s a done deal major headcount reduction and no union will help you.

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GE Used to be a really nice place,
"Neutron Jack set the bar and won the race.
We were all excited to talk about "The Dream",
Little did we know of the back room $cheme$.
"Two Jet$" Jeff set us up to fail,
He's the Ex-CEO that should be in Jail.
Flannery got the shaft and we don't know why,
He didn't even get the chance to $ay Good"buy".
"Larry" Culp$ GE "$tock" has him $ettin' pretty,
While the Company is $plit up to appease the Committee.
Now those in charge of the "Ole' Boy$ Club",
Look down the totem pole and give us the $nub.
The deal$ in the making to "trim the fat,
*The "Onion$" gonna hit*
"The Wall" with a loud
$plat !
The smartest move to make is the final act,
Quit GE because these are the facts.
So please $ave Yourself and your livelihood,
Just "Get Out While The Gettin$' Good" !!!

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Schenectady is about to know what it's like to be the fat kid in gym class that never gets picked to be on the team.

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@xqd+1gOjkZZk, I'm super tired on all their talk too. Their talk of having a "real union" again, means GE will just close Schenectady sooner in my humble opinion. BS, RM and CP, may not be perfect but they know how the sausage is made. Hugs and kisses to all,

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@rjx+1gOjkZZk, polluted environmentally and union relations wise with the vial BS the anti-slaters spew. Hand on a bible: I believe they want the plant shut down, Of course one of the "JC"ash wants money.

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I think potential buyers will look around Schenectady before they make a bid. Once they see Schenectady, they will offer to buy all of Power, except for Schenectady. Out of desperation to offload Power, GE will take the deal and just shut Schenectady down. No chance of going green with anything in Schenectady when it's already such a polluted wasteland. So sad.

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