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More Bad News For The 787, Boeing’s Plastic Plane

May 20, 2022

We all know this company can no longer be trusted to self certify
No need to wonder why, our ethics are on the same level as any dгսg cartel.
Adding to that we have no acceptable rework process
nor any acceptable manufacturing process to avoid the rework.
As far as the FAA is concerned we can’t be trusted to buck a rivet.
In short, the level of incompetence here at Boeing is systemic.
The only people doing their job correctly here is the janitorial staff.
This combined with a John Gotti style of management has lead us to this.
Over 100 787 planes undelivered because we can’t even document the work
We do to the fixes needed (The most basic step in all aviation work)
An Abysmal Failure, That’s Boeing in a nutshell

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Our Plastic Plane has problems with lightning:

See Video

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I'd just like to say, if any janitors are reading this- do you do your job? Really?

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the 787 CancerLiner...great...can you say JoHn Manville ? ...again history repeats..

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They moved the entire 787 production to Charleston even with most customers preferred their airplane built in Everett because of all the MRB tags generated in Charleston. This is the result hundreds of undelivered 787 airplanes and this move to Charleston was supposed to save the company millions of dollars. Just another in a long line of terrible decisions by boeing management.

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787 composite out gassing has been found to be carcinogenic. Expect there will be class action suits in the not too distant future.

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Expensive, non-reusable, obsolete launch system that relies on Russian RD180 engines. Somehow I don't think SpaceX is very concerned...except perhaps for the endless Boeing/Government corruption they have had to contend with since they were founded.

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Why Boeing Stock Lost 7% Today
May 20, 2022

The Why is simple, incapable of delivering the most basic of engineering standards.
Boeing's CST-100 Starliner finally launched on its second un-crewed flight test
attempting to reach the International Space Station (ISS) -- and prove itself
space worthy enough to begin carrying astronauts to the ISS.

But, After detaching from Centaur (the rocket's second stage),
Starliner suffer a couple glitches when two of its 12 steering valves malfunctioned.
And the fact, that after two years of trying to work all the bugs out of the system,
Boeing still can’t pull it off, still can’t get it right.
In yet another instance of shoddy workmanship,
along with sloppy cost based engineering and a knowledge of its deficiencies.
mishaps are still continuing, this is why investor confidence is shaken in Boeing.

That being said, as of this writing, Boeing believes it can still compensate for this
delivering Starliner safely to ISS.
{MCAS was to compensate for the sloppy engineering of the Max too}

(Laughable Propaganda) --- Where is Nina Jankowicz?
Chances look good that all's well, and will end well.
Making Boeing a rival to SpaceX in crewed spaceflight – (in what universe?)
Setting the stage for Boeing to launch Starliner again later this year,
this time with astronauts on board.
Because at Boeing, we fully understand the cheapness of life.

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