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Let your feet do the talking! Sc-m bags!

I cancelled my SF insurance a long time ago...but definitely would know if I hadn't. Be sure to tell the agent why when you do!

State Farm, since 2017, has eliminated almost 17,000 jobs. They used deceptive and illegal practices to force older employees to leave/quit or take severance packages. Age discrimination to save expenses and line their pockets with bonuses!

53,400 employees
70,000 employees

It forced the use of PE and destroyed Estimatics/Prox to under pay claims hoping people would just take the money and run. Did the same in Fire with repair vs replace on thousands and thousands of roof claims! Every delay is another day the money stays in the account being invested! Oldest insurance trick in the book!
Replaced its workforce with a low skilled, low wage employees, abused them, and kept turnover running at the highest levels in the United States.

Went fake "woke" while it was abusing minority employees and pushing a fake D&I narrative. The only color they are interested is the GREEN in their bank account!
Tipturd used all the money, that was supposed to be used for employees, to reduce rates, created fake growth, and lined his and the Exec team's pockets with the highest cash bonus of any CEO in the United States.

SF is now shoving the woke agenda down our kids throat trying to make a buck!

Ohhh...and for all the trolls that say it's not fake growth- our combined ratio as of last month is running at 116%! That means for every $1 dollar we are making we are spending $1.16! Sorry this is Big Dog 2.0! Just no one will admit it because Tipturd will retire in 2 years and not have to deal with this after putting $100 million in the bank! All smoke and mirrors.
I almost want to throw up every time I hear a leader tell me what a great, decent company this is. It's not, these people running this organization are the worst of the worst. Sc-m bags, lowest of the low! They are not good people with employees and customers interests at heart! There are good people working at State Farm but never ever trust a word coming out of the Executive office. When you have millions in the bank it is very easy to take risk, lie, con, scheme, and destroy lives!

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I do agree the salary bonus is horrid. He has lost every bit if credibility due to his poor judgment. Why has the board done this to our company. I am retired exec, no payout like this ever. It is incredulous. I am sickened.

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@tag Why do you think a bank robber makes a "get away"? Just saying....

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As a kid growing up, my parents taught me lies will always catch up to you and the truth always wins. SF was a company that if you made an error it was OK as long as you told the truth, learned from it, and corrected it. Unfortunately, today the corruption and sweeping it under the carpet has gotten so bad the floor and foundation has rotted and needs to be replaced. It's a business decision and all about me will always come back to haunt. Business 101.

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WOW! LOL!!!! That pretty much lays it out! I'd like to see the trolls try to chime in on this every single thing is backed up with a verified link! Its hilarious to see what corporate America has become and what they try to get away with. They never learn especially in this day and age of digital media. Classic.....Creepy neighbor! Perfect! Glad to see some of the is catching up with notice he is never around when anything goes bad or never admits a mistake, he always disappears!

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