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How do you usually learn about closing stores and/or layoffs?

And who is the first to learn about it? I'm new (less than a year) so I don't know how the process works. However, several managers left my store in the last month which has me worried that they might have known something before the rest of us. Is this something I should worry about?

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I happened to work at two locations that happened to kick the bucket and I could tell you how you can tell. The first thing I noticed was that the managers at both locations that closed were becoming desperate. One of the things that I noticed was that corporate would make the managers find ways to boost sales and one of them was making us go through some kind of service recovery training. During these training meetings we had to go through, they put it in a round about way of telling us that we weren't being nice enough to the customers and were losing customers and money as well. We were being more than nice to them and it wasn't what we were doing. Corporate lost sight of the fact that the reason why that store was doing poorly was because they decided to plop the store which was expensive as heck in an economically depressed part of town where they rely on welfare and crime was rampant. The only time these two stores were actually busy was during the first of the month when everyone got their stamp money or WIC. The rest of the time, the store was dead. You cannot sustain any business for that much longer when you're only busy the first week of the month and is dead the rest of the time. Not only that, it was in a crime ridden neighborhood. At one store I was at, the theft was sooo bad that they were stealing $1.2 million out of the store a year and at the other one, it was $500,000 a year. Not only did they do that, but they did some pointless remodel to the stores I was at hoping that the revamp would get more people in, but that was a waste of money in the end because they still closed the two locations.

Another way you could tell they're about to pull the plug is because they will pull the plug on security. This is exactly what they did at both locations. Because of our union contracts, corporate needed a reason to close our stores. They knew theft was bad and they deliberately pulled security to make theft high. That right there gave them the reason to close these said locations.

I also noticed that at both locations as well, they were not ordering inventory like they used to and we weren't getting a lot of stuff in stock-that way when they do close, they don't have too much inventory to deal with once they do close. They were also rampantly cutting hours acting like they couldn't afford to pay us. We were running the store on a skeleton crew.

When I worked at Giant Eagle, they had Huntington, PNC, and Citizens Banks all up in the stores. The two that I was at had a Huntington and a Citizens Bank. They told them a good several months before they let us know that they were closing the store to give them time to move up out of there. They forced their employees to sign a NDA and not to tell us what was going on. However, it kinda backfired on them because Giant Eagle didn't know this at the time, but all three banks automatically notify their customers in that particular area that their local branch is about to close. All of a sudden, I got a small handful of customers asking us what was going on? They got an email about the branch at our store closing and is our store closing as well. I could see the writing on the wall at both stores I was at that it was about to go belly up and I wouldn't be surprised if they were. However, I did tell them that they did not tell us anything as of yet, but it was very obvious what the he-l was going on.

Sure enough, about a week and a half later, corporate bigwigs came down to the store with a team of HR representatives. I wasn't there when they showed up-I had the day off when they came. I found out what happened that day when I returned to work from my day off. One by one, they were escorting everyone to the managers office (our location had it in the back over where receiving was-larger stores had them on the second floor). They told each individual one by one that this store location was closing and not to disclose it with anyone-not even to the customers or media and not to talk about it amongst one another. They didn't even want the employees working that day to phone employees not scheduled that day about the closure either and that they would tell them themselves. They did not want word to leak out of the closures yet. Customers sensed that something was going on in the store because they saw a few employees-especially the ones that have been working there for years-tearing up or looking very sad and depressed. Meanwhile, one of the deli clerks (while on her break) phoned the local media anonymously and told them that they're closing our store plus the one I was at previously. That day, I had gotten off from class and in between doing my homework and studying for exams, I decided to check my Facebook. I follow a bunch of local news stations and I get breaking news updates periodically posted on my feed. That's when I seen something on my feed saying that Giant Eagle was set to close 5 locations including two in our area. Before I even clicked on the news link, I was like "watch it be us". Given what I was seeing going on in that crazy store and how corporate was treating us and doing us, I kinda sensed it. Lo and behold, when I opened the news link, it confirmed what I already knew. It was my store plus one of my former stores I was at. I had to find out on Facebook that we were closing. They transferred all of us out to nearby stores.

Lastly, another way you could tell if a store or multiple stores are about to close is when they start doing "hiring freezes" at neighboring stores. They have to accomodate the workers at the affected stores, so for about a month prior to corporate announcing that they're about to close a location, if you go to their career page, you'll notice that they stopped accepting applications for a lot of their locations and it gets stuck like that for a long period of time. That's how you know. Right before my store closed, I was trying to transfer out of there. It was about a month or so before they made their announcement. It was because that location had toxic leadership and I sensed something like that was going on and I was trying to get the he-l up out of there. I couldn't because I noticed that they were not accepting ANY applications in the entire city and surrounding suburbs for about an entire month prior to the store closing. It also lasted a short while after as well too.

The kicker part is, I was telling my coworkers at the store for the longest that we were closing and they didn't want to accept the fact. After the announcement, they wanted to know how the he-l I knew. Anyways, I do apologize for the long post, but I wanted to give you enough information. These are some ways you could tell corporate is about to close the store. They also think too that we're to stupid to see what's going on too.

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When Giant Eagle plans on closing a store they usually let the store manager know what is going to happen but the manager is told not to say anything. Shortly after the manager finds out they run and tell the employee on the front end that they are having an affair with. Once that employee finds out they tell everyone else who works in the store. In defense of the employee who is having the affair with the store manager they do say to all the employees they tell “Do Not Repeat this”

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I highly doubt the managers left because they had information the Giant Eagle was closing. I bet they left because they found a better job then the Giant Eagle job they had. They probably found a job that didn’t require them to work 6 and 7 days and only paid for 5. They probably found a job where they didn’t have to work every weekend and every holiday. They probably found a job that paid better. They probably found a job that didn’t have a childish high school work environment.

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The store I work for is fairly successful, I have seen plenty of managers move from the location though. Try to notice how busy the location you work in is. I have heard of a location being closed from lack of sales. However I believe the situation depends on other Giant Eagle locations as well, I think there were two other Giant Eagles within a certain proximity of each other. The Giant Eagle that closed got absorbed into the other two.

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