Thread regarding HCSC (Health Care Service Corporation) layoffs

It is extremely demotivating

I have been loyal to this company for years so by giving almost the same pay to me and a new hire who still does not know exactly what his responsibilities are, HCSC shows extreme disrespect for long term employees.

What message is the company sending with this? That I should regret staying here for so long and leave as soon as possible?

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HCSC is a terrible place to work for. I worked there for 7 years and it's the worst job I've had in my life. It's a very political atmosphere and there are no growth opportunities. The management is disgusting and they treat their employees like servants (overload them work and make nonstop demands)

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The company is on auto pilot with MC as the CEO for over a decade. Clyde Drexler is on the HCSC Board for Pete's sake.

The Board President making $9 million a year. UNHEARD OF IN THE REAL WORLD.

People from the mu---rous and unethical Halliburton serving as HCSC CEO and on its board. HCSC hiring unethical CEOs. HCSC ex-CEOs serving on Halliburton's board. Corporate in---t of the unethical.

No imagination and no strategy. Incompetence in the C suite (see State of Illinois suing Plan for a rotten network in Springfield - so much for being mission based)

A company coasting on its past. Like GM could do for awhile. Complacency and greed.

But the lack of strategy and incompetence in execution will catch up with them.

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The company is a joke. Laughable. Senior leadership at HCSC HQ are simply puppets for the board and are highly paid (easy to find the $’s they get paid by the way & doesn’t include outrageous bonuses they receive based on enterprise margins). Little talent in the C-Suite these days. The board runs the company, make no mistake about that. And the reason that’s important is the board cares zero about culture, mission, etc. literally bad people, really bad.

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You probably do not want to hear this. But since the pandemic started and people left for new roles. The job market got really hot for candidates. New hires can command higher starting salaries now because there’s a legitimate war for talent. If you are unhappy and feel you have been overlooked, do something outrageous. Look for something new and pursue it with all you can.

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