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Better jobs are not just better paid jobs

Many people point out how much more they are getting paid since getting a job in some other company. Of course, pay is very important, but it is not the only and most important priority for everyone. Besides getting paid more, I'm more interested whether they work harder, have a better work-life balance, etc.?

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From people in my network many have told me, a lot of the large financial firms have been doing the same thing as STT.

Outsourcing jobs to other countries, some to other U.S states.

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@2vir+1gZyaYdk - i also would like to find out the if you are working for one of our competitors or one of the many investment firms, law firms, etc. It also would be interesting to know your experience and background when you were working at State Street. State Street is a large organization so many different educational backgrounds, former title at State Street, number of years of working experience. So many in my network were former employee's of Fidelity, BNY Mellon, etc. and resigned from State Street to work for JP Morgan Chase, etc. I personally was not as lucky as many in my network and had to relocate to a different state since I could not afford to live in Massachusetts any longer. I have many connections but was never hired to work in a financial services position.
What I always find annoying is when I told someone that I worked for State Street and they knew of someone who worked for them so they assume that I earned the same??? The salary range at State Street can vary considerably depending on the department, job responsibilities, tenure, title, etc.

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I would like if all those that say they they were laid off or left and got a better job to please ellaborate. What were you doing at SSB and what is this great new opportunity you were lucky enough to find? How much of an increase did you get? Please, Please do tell!

Please give the rest of us some hope....

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I got a new job last year after serving over 15 years with State Street. Am paid a lot more. Much better support network from new employer. Better work life balance and career prospects. Had no regrets leaving and was sorry I hadn't moved sooner.

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Get out. Don't look back.

If they call you regarding open positions, hang up.

Life is too short to deal with their nonsense.

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I will break this down into a two part response to your question.

1st many people have been doing double sometimes triple workloads with no big
pay increases , no big bonuses and no increase in better benefits.
So if you get a new job and your doing more work, but your getting a lot more
more money then for some people its worth it.

Part 2 I myself would rather work for the same money at a new job , if it allowed me
to have a social life to see friends and family.

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