Thread regarding Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) layoffs

New Pointnext site opens up in Pune, India. Who is at risk?

From a linkedin post: "Pune will host our state-of-the-art ITOC, and capabilities supporting HPE GreenLake Management Services, HPE Greenlake cloud platform and HPE A&PS Cloud & Apps Services."

I would ask if there is a reason to worry, but thats pretty redundant at this stage.

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Yeah, white males in general are at risk so those are the people most likely to either get the axe or quit to find a better job. The real problem is that leaves nobody to fix issues when they arise.

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Pointnext has been an Achilles Heel for everyone.

When I used to work at HPE, I remember there was a joke:

Why are they called Pointnext? Because the next thing they point at is you to solve the issue because they don't know how. I remember the November before COVID, they set up a meeting with my org and basically demanded that we must utilize them to "make sure our customers were using the proper channels to get their support". We had never trained Pointnext to troubleshoot our product line and my VP fired back immediately and said, "Considering you all have never bothered to reach out to us to be taught how to use our products, you are just inconviencing the customer by forcing us to utilitize your services. We know the product more than you, we have a better relationship with our customers, so no, we are not going to notify you when they have an issue."

Good riddence. They don't need that organization in the US anyways. If I was still at HPE, I wouldn't mind Pointnext going India. What are they going to do? Fly to the US and tell you to stop ignoring their worthless advice?

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My guess is white males over 45 in the US. I'd like to see a progressive breakdown of the US workforce in the last 10 years. But hey it's a world economy now:)

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