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Amazon Closing 4 New York Sites Leaving Many Out of Work

A recent WARN notice states Amazon is closing four stores in New York. Among the closers are Amazon 4-Star, book and pop up stores, according to the New York State Department of Labor Office of Dislocated Workers Program.

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See there, folks?
That is how you do it. Make your decision and commit to it. Make the announcement, do it in one fell swoop, and be done with it. Let the chips fall where they may. None of this 90-day-cycle BS so many other companies use to drag things out, getting to their totals in 2-3 years, all the while bleeding money while they wait to get to their true transformation... all for not giving a WARN notice. I feel like, ultimately, this is better for all the employees, too. Not wondering for years on end if today is the day you get the axe.
Amazon has it right.

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