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GE Greenville - Operating in traditional corporate silos.

Operating in Silos has been a discussion for many years at GE. But this culture cannot be more prevalent than GE Greenville. Even small departments will rarely help another department if it's inconvenient. We need leadership that can help break down silo barriers to do what's good for the big picture. Projects at GE Greenville always waste many hundreds of thousands of dollars simply because different groups cannot work together. The excuses are endless. Leadership is not capable of breaking down the barriers because they are consumed with corporate games and report outs. Reports outs are mostly to appease the financial leaders. Herding cats would be more effective. Potential new manufacturing opportunities in Greenville is not welcomed. I challenge leadership to do a "Deep Dive" into some current projects onsite and have a cost workout session. I can personally see many hundreds of thousands of dollars that are about to be wasted. I've suggested the cost savings but was rejected because I'm not within the buddy clicks that want the project money. Good luck. Lol.

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I understand completely. Culpable keeps talking about “lean” without emphasizing communication between groups and teams to carry out the ideas. It might look good on paper but not properly implemented and communicated between the affected groups. A great idea will fail just as easy as a bad idea this way.

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