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Times Have Changed

I am writing this in as a reflection piece about my time at Riverbed.

When I heard about Riverbed in 2012, I knew I had to get onboard there. I supported the product at another company and then did my best to learn the product and finally applied for the job and got it. I was so excited. Riverbed was my dream job; to work for a vendor whose employees seem to be friendly and helpful.

I got on there in 2014 and by 2015, we had our first massive layoff, in which I survived. It was hard for me to accept the layoff or even a thought of a RIF for a company who was booming in most, if not all products. I understand it was a legit restructuring of the purchase from the Canadian Teachers corporation. To me, the people they got rid of, was purely chosen by management of "the people they don't like". I might be wrong on the assumption there, but it was the start of a disaster.

Over the next few years, the normal training process became obsolete. I asked, if not begged for training and was shot down. I literally training myself on the software I was supporting because we "never have the budget" for the training needed. Keep in mind, this was internal training, not other vendor training. I would have even accepted virtual training, but nope. At that point, I knew Riverbed was destined for failure when they couldn't have the budget to train their own. When Covid hit, that was then ALL relevant talent started looking for new positions. Taking a 20% paycut was simply the nail in the coffin for any remaining talent there. That's when I left also.

Jerry leaves. Paul leaves, Rich leaves, and now the current one is there. I find it ironic, and quite frankly a conflict of interest that such a person can hold that office and be a chairman of TB. I remember this guy at a meeting one time (I believe he was Chief of Sales, or a title similar, pardon me on this) was chatting and I thought to myself "Wow, this guy is as cheesy as they come". I didn't want to cast any stones without knowing him, but being in this industry as long as I have, it was a no brainer. The guy is a lying used car salesman, lol. In that meeting, I only remember one thing at the very end. He was trying to get everyone "pumped up" in typical sales fashion and he said "Let's do epic $#!+"...then says "I can't hear you...let's do EPIC...." then wanted all of us to say "$#!+" at the same time. So we did. My God I am still embarrassed about that and I live on the opposite coast. Once Jerry left, it was writing on the wall. Why would you leave a booming business if something bad wasn't going to happen, especially if you are the founder. It would be the equivalent of Colonel Sanders leaving KFC. If company is doing well, you stay. If you have insider information of doomsday, then you leave. It's that simple. I don't blame him for leaving one bit.

Anyway, fast forward to today. I moved on a few years back, but it still bothers me because I had nothing but love for Riverbed. From terrible acquisitions, to bad management and now using bankruptcy as a "good thing for the company", confirms that no one knows what they are doing and just rolling with the punches.

I really (even after I have left) want them to do well. I made a lot of money while working there and they helped me get to where I am today. I will say that I had to overhaul it to catch up on recent technologies and refresh my skillset but all is well now.

I can't tell anyone of you to leave as it's a personal decision, but it was the best for me. I am here to tell the remaining Riverbed-ders to hang in there and I am rooting for you.

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Concur "The guy is a lying used car salesman"

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If that was the A-team I'd hate to see the B-team...

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Because of Riverbed I grew my career tremendously and had the opportunity to buy two homes in the Bay, so I agree with OP’s overall sentiment.

However, we didn’t kick Colonel Sanders out of spite. TB gave Riverbed a lot of autonomy to right itself but Jerry couldn’t make the hard decisions and kept around the bloat. As a result, the financials continuously suffered. As a matter of fact, he double downed by expanding footprint. It was when Jerry left that little feudal lords ran rampant until TB brought in the A-team to clean things up but it was too little too late. Even though most of the old guards have left, those that remained (SM) brought in their washed up homies so they can feed off what’s left of this corpse.

I will always love my time at Riverbed, especially pre-2017. This place is now dead and just a paycheck (which is fine).

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