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This is unpleasant to watch

All the suffering caused by nothing other than greed is hard to watch. This was a great company with a bright future but all that potential was wasted because of greed. Some people are never satisfied and they always want more, more, more. They don't care who they have to walk over to get it. They destroyed Hy-Vee.

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You want 20 percent sales increase. You want us to cut 10000 in labor per store. What cuts our You taking to yourself randy..
Yep zero. I didn't think there could be worse ceo than a ceo I work for but know you have top that lying cheating dude. You both better watch it god will judge you both with all about me attitude. It's been good to on earth my not be when leave here. Hope this get your thick head thinking a little

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Only one person or 2 did this. Ceo and Cfo.
Someone let randy spend 30 million on indy.
10 million on cheifs. I get he wants us to be Nationale brand but this isn't how walmart or dg expanded. Those companies stuck to there core and still growing and learning watching others mistakes like hyvee. I like our company I like our customers. My issue only with ceo He bullied last cfo out. Watch he sell company get 10 trillion for stocks and rest us will need new jobs. Admit randy you over spent like drunking sailor. Admit randy you only care about you. Remember God is judging you not us.

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