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Managers who cause problems

I read someone’s post about managers causing more problems than fixing and it made me laugh even though it’s actually a sad truth. UP seems to employ managers who are able to create the great complications from the smallest of problems whose solution can usually be very simple. How many times has your manager made complicated something that should be resolved quickly and easily?

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Fritz and his misfits of StUPid id--ts are truly the d-mbest of the
RR industry!!

Promote Cory Hood and Romel Green to upper train Management and get rid
of Fritz and friends

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It's hard to quantify management sc--w ups. There are alot of em. Some of it comes from hiring college kids that have no idea how anything actually works on the rail. Alot of it comes directly from the ta-d farm that is Omaha.
Corridors are a perfect example. Local managers should be telling cms when to order crews. Corridors can't think more than 2 minutes into the future and waste tons of crews daily with their stupidity. You could cut recrews by 25% if you left it to the local managers to decide when to run trains. We had a corridor call an extra board crew instead of waiting 45 minutes for a pool crew. Smart move. The extra board crew now takes that pool crew turn. The pool crew is shown away from home until the extra board ties up. So the extra board crew dies. Train is tied down on the main because no one to relieve them now. Which in turn blocks 2 locals and causes them to get recrewed. GENIUS LEVEL stuff outta Omaha. Had they waited 45 minutes, they could have called the pool , and then had the extra board relieve them and keep the train moving

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