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Carl Icahn Has Plans to Take Over SW Gas

Ah, April 2022, a new takeover is being planned....the dreaded Corporate Vader (Carl Icahn) is trying to get the SW Gas shareholders to sell at $82+ a share so Carl can get the company and make it private. This is NOT a good deal. If he succeeds; his cronies make out, the current employees get axed and the company fails. Everything he touches is strictly for Carl (or against Warren Buffett) - it seems obtaining energy companies are in his future plans.

As I note a few of the comments here on the site below:

March 16, 2021 - In case you're interested in how Carl operates, check out some of his other companies listed on this site. Look at or

At Xerox we lost all of our 2020 401K matching contribution. This is after they decided to make the match a lump sum contribution at the end of the year. This allowed them to deprive everyone who gets laid off during the year their fair share of retirement benefits. Then there's healthcare. The worst, most expensive, highest deductible plans offered in the country. Watch health expenses eat away at your income. But don't worry, Carl is going to get his money. He'll pay exorbitant dividends to the shares of stock he holds.

You've been warned! Office jobs will be outsourced to Guatemala, Philippines and India. No more raises. Older, higher paid workers will be targeted for the unemployment line. Bonuses for the highest corporate level will be based upon cost cutting metrics. ... Restructuring incoming. Get ready for loss of unnecessary positions.

Jan 9 2020. This article tells you all you need to know about Carl Icahn. It's sickening. Though there have been pitfalls along the way, and yes, this is a dying industry, this man is responsible for the sh1tstorm we're in now. He is ruining Xerox, and if he gets the chance, he'll ruin HP, too.

Just a word to the wise - Pray he does not take over SW Gas.

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