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It is the “end of life” for Bose

Bose became a very depressing place. It's unbearable to be in any Bose Building these days. The memories of how it used to be in past; that’s all that is left when you are inside R&D. I am sure there are more layoffs coming and a lot of people will be leaving very soon on their own. Sadly, it is the “end of life” for Bose. Good things also end!

@7aqk+1geKKCma said it perfectly.

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Observing this from the outside I can't help but see parallels with Kodak a decade ago. It's like the crushing end of a game of Monopoly: you know you can't win but the rules are that you have to lose big. Rather sad.

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Everything you’re reading in this thread is the truth. The trauma, the overworked folks who remain, the endless cycle of layoff-pep talk-reorg-building closures-cancelled products……
A loyal employee who need his head examined

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Hey, I'm working on a story about layoffs at Bose. Would be great to connect. My email is anissa.gardizy [@]

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