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Please post updates about 2022 layoffs in this thread.


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So if you're trying to decide, ask yourself- will you be carrying a double load if you stay?

And the other part of that.... is this a silver lining for you, a parachute if you will? If you haven't been happy in your job, maybe this is the escape you've been looking for to leave.

Nobody can answer that but you. If you decline the package, they could stick you in an area that you hate, and the workload could be bad.
If you accept the package, you could get some time to relax & regroup with your career. BUT, the downside of that is that the industry, well, look around this board. Lots of layoffs happening. It doesn't seem bad if you're a processor - I see processor jobs - but I don't know how picky recruiters are.

So, a lot to weigh for your personal situation, & everyone's is different.

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Offering a buyout to employees. Have personally heard amounts upwards of $10,000 to $15,000. 6 months Cobra insurance. One week to decide if you're taking it. Not a ton of insight as to what your position will be if you decide to decline the buyout. Early payout of stock options that have yet to vest. Everything that people thought would happen to the culture once they went public, is in fact happening. It's not about WHO is right; it's about WHAT is right. Apparently, increasing shareholder wealth is what is right in this ISM.

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I know they are talking about layoffs in April 2022 but I left back in December so I do not have all the details. I am sure there will be reports of what's going on, it's just too early. I was let go the week before Christmas, I spent 9 years here.

I was on an action plan, finished all of the required training material early and made sure my assigned work was completed on time. Was called into a meeting on my cell phone with my leader, director and Human Resources rep.

I was told the same thing about leadership made a decision to separate me. The entire exit interview process felt very rushed, like they were racing to get me off the phone as quick as possible.

I thought it had to do with how I voiced my opinion on a few topics in the recent end of the year company survey.

Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one let go over something so stupid. Really opened my eyes to how toxic Rocket Mortgage has become over the years, ever since Jay took the helm

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