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Question: Moving Over to Servicing

For those who are staying, I hear they are moving over to Servicing.
What are the duties of the Serving Team?
What is pay rate?

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Servicing starts at like 18 up to like 28ish (if you’re a top producer) which is after u graduate (takes about 6 months) servicing is honestly annoying as he-l a lot of work for less pay I feel if anything servicing deserves to get paid more than processors it’s constant back to back calls ALOTTT of stuff to know it’s not really a role where you will always know 100% what’s going on because it’s so much to know and learn on top of speaking to clients who aren’t always happy about their payments and etc u take payments, go over escrow stuff, insurance, if the person is now deceased and the list goes on and on they definitely need to look into separate serving so it’s not so much on each team member for example there should be a team that handles escrow only and one that handles payments only and etc I hear a lot of ppl ready to quit and cry daily but you will have job security for now. The bonuses were great but it’s changing starting next month so just makes it even more stressful

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Pay in servicing is much lower then origination. Hiring people in around $15 an hour and possible up to like $28 an hour max.

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