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Xerox Buyout

Are we hearing of any Xerox buyout coming? I saw an article that says it’s very likely. Anyone hear of this type of chatter?

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I was at HP during the acquisition of Compaq. Believe me, it's not only possible, but very probable. During recession when profits are hard to come by, the thousands of layoffs by merging functions and orgs will put tingles down the legs of all the executives. This is how big business works. The naive will learn the hard way.

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This is complete BS. No way will HP buy Xerox, none!

With a recession coming soon, you should be a whole lot more concerned with likely cutbacks and WFRs than worring about Xerox. The cutbacks look to be real, the Xerox chatter is pure fantasy.

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Post a link to that article. I call nonsense.

We don't need Xerox. Why purchase a company that fails to pivot their strategy and continues to decline every quarter? What would we gain from them other than supporting products that would die upon company acquistion?

There are reasons we purchased Hyper X and Poly: because we failed to deliver for that market. This won't be the case for Xerox because our printing business is relatively more successful than Xerox; in fact, Xerox needs us, not the other way around. We survived COVID with minimal distruption in demand. This wasn't true for Xerox. We are now providing for new markets. This isn't true for Xerox.

Xerox reminds me of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company from The Office. Their company sells paper while living in a world of constant technological evolution. In fact, that was a subtle overall theme about the show. How can an obsolete company pivot their strategy to keep up with modern markets? That's what Xerox is going through right now.

If you are a Xerox employee, you have my condolences but we will not be your savior. But you are more than welcome to jump ship. Tell your board of directors that they only care about cashing in their dividends and propose no pivot strategy for Xerox.

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You mean HP buying Xerox? Ain't gonna happen.

Xerox already tried to have a hostile take over of HP. The banks backed out of that one. Xerox is just plain broke.

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