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Rocket has no regard for its employees
If you have a family they make you choose between work and home and try to make you feel less than if you chose family over them. Don’t have any health ailments, each and every doctors appointment they want to know details so they can weigh whether it’s the truth or not and discuss it amongst themselves. HIPPA VIOLATION. Rocket has always been willing to lose its top producing employees to satisfy the “Quota”
Let’s not even get into how they tried to make the Black employees feel like they were our Ally’s after the George Floyd mu---r. So much so that they created book clubs and asked us to give them guidance. Heather Lovier even went as far as crying in a company wide meeting because her husband, a police officer, and her family were being “harassed”. This come only weeks after a slavery email circulated. With only the IPO launch 2 months ahead.
The Isms are used as a form of manipulation and only applies to production although they pass it off as the company’s core values or morals. 6 years of my career dedicated to them and what’s to show for it?
Oh remember when they deposited retroactive pay into our accounts after they sent a mass email making us aware. Only to discover in the wee hours of the morning(3a) that thousands of dollars had been deposited then ach debited from our accounts and the email giving that awareness could no longer be found?!? Circa 2017. I have the screenshots of the emails and deposits still. Smh
The list goes on…I’m sure there’s experiences that mine don’t even top as an employee

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15 years of my life only to be manipulated berated and passed over for favoritism. They made billions and we wasted hours and days to make that money and didn’t benefit at all. So glad I’m out of that woke company.

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