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Retaining the best employees

One of our manager's favorites left yesterday and interestingly, in a very bad way. The best thing about the whole situation here is that not only those who felt undervalued left the company, but also those who seemed to somehow fit in perfectly and felt very comfortable here.

Now the question is does HCSC want to keep the best employees here at all?

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I had the most demoralizing, passive aggressive conversation with my manager this week. He/she is focused on looking good and staying afloat with other senior leaders. My manager is insecure and blames others for things the manager should have handled. The public feedback he/she shares, meaning the good face put on publicly is in direct contradiction to what the manager tells me privately. My manager does not want me to outshine him/her. I want to be supportive, not wreck my supervisor’s career and Not compete with him/her. I am not letting this person beat me down. I am using it as motivation to get the he-l out of this horrible place. I cannot wait to provide feedback during the exit interview. There is so much bias and politics it is criminal. God help the people who try and tough it out at this bizarre place.

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It's a big issue across a lot of departments. People leaving in droves and having a hard time getting replacements. They don't seem to see the issue. People want to be paid fairly and treated with respect, it's not that complicated. They have treated their workforce like mindless soulless drones for years, and now it's catching up to them.

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