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I’m an outsider that works with Hy-Vee, always enjoyed them and hate to see this happen.

Things now seem to be getting worse. How bad are the store financials? Are sales down? Foot traffic down? I’m not surprised at the random spending stuff that is a burden(sponsorship, media, restaurants, force outs etc), just curious store wise.

I’ve talked to several managers over the years and they have always pointed things out about what’s working and not working. It seems like 2019-ish I started noticing some change from the old Hy-Vee….Obviously 2020 and 2021 were rocket-ship years, which 2020 they did have a huge restructuring right before the pandemic. Hope things can get right again.

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A few years ago 2018 2019 if I remember correctly some one that recalls exactly please chime in Hyvee had a outside company evaluate the flow of ideas within the Company .
What the independent Company said in a nutshell is that Hy-Vee has great forward looking ideas that are great and exciting but that planning and follow through from start to finish were the weak links in Hy-Vee's system. It's no different now Hy-Vee seems to do first think later on almost everything and until that stops well you can guess alot of missteps will happen.

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It’s the same ole same ole. For the last ten years or so Hy-Vee has been stuck between wanting to be a big time player, while still doing things in a very small time way. Basically the executive leadership picks all the wrong ways to become big time…ie we pay for celebrity endorsements but still have stores without self checkouts. We were the first to have limitless online shopping but while we spent money building our own system, all of our competitors just contracted that out to other companies specializing in it for cheaper. We’ve wasted countless dollars on systems for our inventory and register pos when we just now figured out it’s cheaper to use the same systems as everyone else….basically we do everything the hard way and when it comes to ways to improve the structure and decrease the stresses on the retail employees lives, we drag our feet on those initiatives-while putting out ideas that don’t make sense, add unnecessary stresses, and honestly wouldn’t work when you ask even the lowest level employee…those ideas get steam rolled in and have to be implanted within days with no proper planning and with barely the materials needed to make them successful. So yeah, priorities have been off for quite some time…not saying they don’t make improvements but they take sooo long when most of the important changes wouldn’t take much effort to get done. I believe that’s a good summary of what’s been going on with Hy-Vee lately.

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