Thread regarding Academy Sports & Outdoors layoffs

Who will stay here?

The trend of leaving is worrying.

Several of my colleagues have left recently and only one of them has been replaced. It's as if no one wants to work here anymore?

What is the management doing in this regard, to at least slow down the attrition a bit? Unfortunately, it seems that they are quite indifferent to it.

I just wonder who will stay here if the attrition doesn't slow down.

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Just had a few more drop their 2 week notice today apparently….

The arrogance and unwillingness to adopt to current workplace trends, outdated systems, low balling (base) pay tiers, and unrealistic plans are all reasons to point people to the doors.

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But, but, but..... Academy just announced "flex Fridays" and the return of the food trucks lol 😆. Like these two small bones thrown at employees is supposed to feed employees. What feeds employees is more money d-mbasses.

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Nothing. Period.
The supremely large egos in the human resources department and the equity/compensation (plus supremely large egos) of the executive leadership team impede any concept of reality.
You’re imagining what you see and feel anyway and your uneducated opinion doesn’t matter. The experts have it all figured out and everyone else is disposable.
Unfortunately the experts won’t be around long enough to witness the complete fall, just long enough to stack as much coin as possible before they move on. When they do what remains will be gutted of anything and anybody who embodied the greatness Academy once stood for and all its potential. It will look nothing like what once was.
Imagine if any of these experts were held accountable to a turnover metric like the rest of the organization is accountable for metrics that are relevant to their business. Instead it’s a case of foxes watching the hen house.
Again, we’re all disposable.

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What are they doing? Not a thing. Like the big cheese Said multiple times, some will stay and some will leave. Que Sera Sera and all that jazz.

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