Thread regarding State Street Corp. layoffs

I know plenty of people who would probably check more than half of these boxes

14 Signs It's Time To Leave Your Job

You lack passion. You don't wake up with a feeling of excitement towards your job.
You are miserable every morning - you dread going into work.
Your company is sinking. No need for you to sink also. Put on your life preserver.
You really dislike the people you work with and/or your boss.
You' are consistently stressed, negative, and/or unhappy at work.
Your work-related stress is affecting your physical health.
You don't fit in with the corporate culture or don't believe in the company anymore.
Your work performance is suffering.
You no longer have good work-life balance.
Your skills are not being tapped.
Your job duties have changed/increased, but the pay hasn’t.
Your ideas are not being heard.
You are bored and stagnating at your job.
You are the the victim of bullying, harassment or other egregious behaviour.

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Get out. Don't look back.

If they call you regarding open positions, hang up.

Life is too short to deal with their nonsense.

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@Post ID: @4adn+1gyLrFqc on my post, as a long time worker I too loved working for State Street , before it slow decline starting in 2002yr.

Before the constant layoffs and outsourcing it was a happy pleasant place to work for, and the benefits were excellent.

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Don't use Forbes. It is owned by China

Chances are that they wish everyone quits for H1-B visa workers to take over financial markets.

I have seen enough suitcases of documents leaving the premises these few years

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@ttd+1gyLrFqc - As a former long-time employee I find your post very interesting.
I always loved working for State Street even though I was laid off in 2014. You definitely noticed a shift in the attitude and work load at some point although, it never bothered me. Towards the end of my employment I would get to work early so that I could have breakfast before I started my day. I can recall sometimes getting requests from one of the managers immediately upon sitting at my desk. "This request needs to be completed immediately" It was probably at least an hour before our actual start time. Additionally, I had a sister who was dying for at least 6 years before I was laid off. I never told anyone and would take days off when it was necessary to help her. Many of my former colleagues would treat me differently since I was a single women with no family or responsibilities. Most of us have responsibilities including caring for a family member who might be a parent or someone else. Either way, I do agree very much with your post and would imagine that many of us who are former long-time employee's would agree. That would include many of my former colleagues at different levels of management.

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I'm a BBHer and each time I hear the buyout has been pushed back a quarter, I breathe a little sigh of relief after following this page. I'm so sorry people at SSB feel this way. It shouldn't be.

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Seems like my number 4 was changed on purpose, so I will reword it to avoid censorship.

Our workers are our greatest treasure since the other word was censored

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  1. I was a content worker who loved working at State Street.
  1. I was a worker who got good raises and bonuses
  1. The morale of my dept and company was very high
  1. I remember the old company motto " Our workers are our greatest id--t


  1. The company motto " Our workers are agreat expense and must be cut
  1. My raises and bonuses average 1% maybe 2% and that is if they even give
    them out.
  1. My dept has been cut from 10 workers down to 6 workers, and down to 5
    when a person goes on vacation.
  1. The once positive energy which my dept used to have is now negative depressing.
  1. The senior mgmt reminds me of the french king Louie and the french nobility.
    They get big raises and bonuses while the workes get crumbs .
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