Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

What about the SEC and Oracle?

It was very entertaining for some time, but became silent lately.

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correction: see "how much cr-p are you willing to take from your mange"
Re: "The Oracle Code of Ethics and Business Conduct"

  • "Not a good place to work" is incorrect
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He should probably go ahead & move on down to Mexico.

I did a little research and found online "The Oracle Code of Ethics and Business Conduct" which, the SEC requires publicly traded companies to develop and publish.

If you go to thread, "Not a good place to work" you'll see some stuff written by the same VP that it might not be a bad idea for him to plan an early retirement in Mexico.

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The next move will be more intriguing

Is that when you head to Mexico?

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investors v Oracle Cloud security fraud
SEC will get involved
Fraudulent Patents
Dept of Justice will be involved

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Things are getting more interesting, daily.
Securities fraud is no joke.
The next move will be more intriguing.

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This is definitely entertaining. The plot thickens.. I will go back and see what I can find later Re: SEC investigation.

Quick observation:
Wonder if the VPs knew when they sold their souls that, they were being selected to be the wall that takes the fall to protect the inner “mob” kingdom. They that calls others “id--ts” are the true, id--ts! Explains alot …starting with why they aren’t very smart & too much time …to do nothing. Greed is more fitting. Greedy & stupid.
I think they truly believe they are protected. Instead they are there to protect. Interesting.

SCAM, indeed at every corner. Looks like the PD VP will take the hardest fall of all. If I were him. I would head south, as someone posted in another thread, to Mexico, today!

Once investigations begin, passports are taken. Sayonara!

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Yes, I recall reading about SEC investigations. And anyone familiar with Oracle knows that what Oracle has been saying about the Cloud business, and even the business itself, is pure scam.

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Not sure that, I recall reading about SEC problems?
Is this a distraction, deflection to the "real" problems?
I do recall reading much about patents, employee abuse & product development issues that are real and not going away because employees, customers and investors are important and do not seem to be appreciated.

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