Thread regarding NCR Corp. layoffs

Not dying enough to work for NCR Serbia

People talking about layoffs and some of them think that we in Serbia are stealing their jobs.

Let me clarify it for you - In Serbia you work for NCR IN MOST CASES if you HAVE TO.

Layoffs for you = more work for us for the same almost non-existing miserable benefits.

No thanks, please keep your job.

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Whisper union over here they find a reason to terminate you. It’s happened. But any takers on the idea don’t wanna pay dues. So there no winning. With that said many companies with unions have still been able to shift jobs overseas or Mexico or Canada. So allot seems like why have one if they still manage to layoff
Basically unions are weak now I am assuming.

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Yes we know all of you are not stealing our jobs. We understand your government (like many others) make deals with companies like NCR to exploit their people for cheap. Government officials usually get kickbacks to make this happen. You need to all stand up for yourselves and form a workers union, join an existing union or NCR will take advantage of you. Talk to the people in India, they'll tell you how NCR treats it's foreign workers like servants.

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Layoffs for you = more work for us for the same almost non-existing miserable benefits.
Same inside the us. Team of 16 chopped down to 6 and yet giving more work.
So you Serbia folks wear a pager cell phone for after hours call? I doubt it. Your healthcare benefits are better as it is universal coverage. If you work you pay a portion for all the people. People who are out of work don’t pay. ER visits are free . Your cost of living is lower. As such your pay is lower.
This make it very attractive for a company to send jobs there.
Heck you can go to college for free depending on the college.
So really the poor you is your just being taken advantage of.
And your ceo per his linked in account love dr. Seuss. And that is the way he runs the company

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Ofc corporation is one to blame. I agree with every word you said.

Bunch of people in Serbia are looking for new job opportunity before the storm comes here, just as you guys do in other states.

It is true that some of them are excited over new roles, but I am convinced that they will be disappointed in less than 6 months.

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We know you are not stealing the jobs, we know ncr over the past 25 years has been laying off higher paid for lower paid. Now those lower paid were laid off to move the job’s to India and Serbia for even lower pay.
No one actually blaming you the worker but corporation for it.
And here in the US they have made a lot of bad choices as in moving the headquarters to another state, getting rid of technical training center and that wonderful center of excellence they built.
Ncr had perks to moved if they hired so many people. Well they screwed that up to and didn’t make the quota.
It only for the top brass.
Looks like they are looking for a buyer for the company and the will sale it either together or in pieces.

Good luck

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