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Question for those who were laid off recently

I don't know if some of you still visit this page from time to time or not, but in case you are, do you mind sharing if you were able to find a new job already? If the answer is yes I'm not going to ask where, but if you feel like volunteering that information, that'd be great.

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I was laid during the 2020. On the first laid off stages. I was with the company for 23 years. But now I am making lot more money. And like my job now.

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Hey, to the person that said they found something new and improved their life, RIGHT ON! I'm soooo happy for you, quality of life is a thing we tend to under rate and shouldn't. Cuz at the end of the day what's the point? Good for you, break those shackles and be free!

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I was laid off in the first round near the end of March. I accepted a job offer and started a new job the first week in May. I now have MUCH better work/life balance, the pay is similar and my health has started to improve.

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Never worked there, but I'll share...
I was laid off - been out of work for slightly over a month...
Company offered "outplacement services" which includes career coaching...
I didn't think I would need it - but I got turned down for 2 "seasonal" jobs - which I'm way, way overqualified for....applied just for money, and while I look for something more permanent

I've been meeting with a career consultant for about a month..I want to change industries

Lots of what they say in these meetings is overly optimistic, pie-in-the sky type stuff... like anything is possible, you can do anything if you put your mind to it, apply for anything etc

I'm a person that believes if I set a plan, I can accomplish it... but linkedin shows that things are brutal- over 100 people applying for the same job? almost 300? numerically - it is crazy...

please take comfort knowing you are not alone. typing out this message made me feel better. if you have been laid off, I encourage you to do the same. the idea in the media that "no one wants to work" needs to be debunked. it is not true.

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