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Does overload leave you any time for learning?

The issue I see is that people are so overloaded for work there simply isn't the time for most people to spend on learning. Ultimately that is bad for both DXC and the employee as skills and knowledge aren't kept up to date.

I absolutely agree that one of the reasons people have stopped learning is because they simply don’t have time for it.

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Overload, your kidding right? Two problems with that statement.

  1. If your overloaded it's your own fault for taking on so much. if you miss a deadline guess what, they move it back. No life is lost !
  1. A large percentage of the company do almost nothing all day long, but sit at there computers waiting for something to do. When we are assigned something its paper work that a kid fresh out of high school or even one on summer vacation could do do.
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Don't tell your boss until your exam is done. If your boss finds out you are preparing for an exam in "work" time, you will be assigned more work to fill that time (and more).

You think this doesn't happen in DXC? Well I can tell you it certainly does. It happened to me THREE times until I wised up.

So now you know how to make sure it doesn't happen to you.

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Overload ? I do nothing for days on end and when I do it's paper work that a chimpanzee can do

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