Thread regarding Tesla, Inc layoffs

"Feeling 'super bad' about economy, Musk wants to cut 10% of Tesla jobs"

Really? How does he expect morale to get any more low with force 10% cut

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He is getting sued for Dogecoin so who knows he will be hit this time.
Twitter was a ridiculous acquisition. Tesla is a productivity enhancing company trying to change the transportation paradigm to reduce the environmental impact, change a critical field with cutting edge innovation. EV are going to change the dependence on oil extraction, drive battery innovation, enable many to produce their own power for transportation.
Twitter by comparison is nowhere as significant and extremely overvalued.
How much money does Elon need before his greed can be satisfied.
If S_X is for procreation, what is procreation for? His favourite people on this planet, the Chinese and Japanese workers procreate way less than anyone because they have gotten so used to being 24/7 slaves that they don't want to have children who suffer their unfortunate fate and it shows in their aging populations and low fertility rates. China has had to start a 3 child policy to make sure the population of youth doesn't collapse.
He increasingly thinks like Xi Jinping and seems to want to live his communist dictator fantasies!

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He manipulated the stock so many times, I am surprised they didn't bag him already.

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He's feeling really bad...about his absurd decision to buy Twitter. He's clearly not the genius some make him out to be. This same genius said s-x is only for procreation. Do people really look up to St. Musk?

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Why would anyone want to work for him? This dude is erratic. Fire 10% of people because you have "super bad feeling"?

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