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Merger with Kyndryl ex IBM on the cards

A merger/consolidation will be on the cards within the outsourcing industry as Kyndryl has now dropped to $2billion valuation.

So Mikey and co will find it attractive, it will raise the turnover by $18billion, taking it to over $30billion combined.

This will give him another 5 years to stay afloat and lose business until the merged company has a turnover of $15billion.

Then rinse and repeat, and in the process his $300 million richer.

And you lot are arguing over 8%-10%/$3000 pay rises and redundancy.

Mikey is in another world.

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It's taken Mikey and co 3 years and the management from top to bottom is still focussed on cuts rather than growth.

Kyndryl only 7 months down the line and look how their management are targeting.

Until the mangers in this company stopskrewing it and the staff and focus on shrinkage the company is doomed. We need to hear Mike firing all theses dummy managers not performing.

Kyndryl Outlook

"I was encouraged to see the Kyndryl leadership provide guidance for its fiscal year beginning April 1, 2022 with the company predicting; double-digit constant-currency signings growth compared to calendar year 2021, revenue of $16.5 to $16.7 billion, adjusted EBITDA margin of 13% to 14%"

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More likely Kyndryl will buy out Dxc as thier management have a growth strategy whereas the DXC management from top to bottom are focussed on savings and cuts only. The id--ts in management need to learn new tricks instead of shrinking the company.

From the Kyndryl 1Q2022 call:

"Following 3 straight years of declining signings, we delivered 27% constant currency growth in the quarter compared to pro forma signings in the same period last year. And versus calendar 2021, we expect to generate double-digit constant currency growth in signings in fiscal year 2023, which, as you know, began on April 1 of this year."

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GIS Kindryl Atos is race to zero. Fire everybody except top sales and consultants. Only need 60,000 employees

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I don't see M2 as a M&A guy.

I'm not sure if that's just a reaction to the chaos M1 caused by M&A or just that he likes a simple business strategy of smaller and better under control.

I've said it before though, if M1 was still here he'd be all over buying a chunk of IBM.

Just so he could imagine he'd risen to the top of big blue.

I don't think M2 is going to chase another ten years of chaos though.

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Kyndryl has yanked significant wins from DXC and looks positioned for a few more. They are still in the confused stage of how to run themselves much like DXC was when it formed. The future of both will be interesting.

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i think you're right although mikey2 will need to spin it to the analysts because he said DXC future is in GBS not GIS and buying the Kyndryl business would be a GIS play - maybe he's buying his way into contracts to try and push GBS - but Kyndryl revenue is dropping even faster than DXC as clients exit contracts rapidly that they signed with IBM and now find belong to Kyndryl

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