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DxC stock options - Do read patiently - People do get rewarded

People do get rewarded. Shares have gone up. Hopefully employees will get their share as well.

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Don't hold your breath , I am hearing that increased especially in delivery are going to few , if any

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So Mike and the cronies got the free shares as usual so they can sell them for millions.

As for the rest of the employees Mike said its too difficult to give shares.

He thinks everyone lives on a different planet and are id--ts as somehow he thinks its easy to award himself and the cronies millions of shares but difficult and can't award a less than 100 shares to staff.

So blatant dual standards, definitely they are creamining it, and "theres no i in team"

So next time he says "gang" "team" remember it's all for him and his gang.

As when it comes to pay raises he will say we cam only give .....

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I don't really understand why a comment earlier, plus others on here, refers to a comparison with Accenture.

DXC never was and never will be an equivalent to Accenture.

Not even ATOS either.

Both of those have significant revenues from outside of technology, whereas DXC only has technology.

CSC had non technology bits but M1 and now M2 ditched the diversification...

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and the previous replies numbers don't factor in the $625M+ wasted in the past 12 months on share buybacks and $1.4B wasted in total since mikey2 turned up on share buybacks
putting that into $, mikey2 spent $625M and the investment (market cap of DXC) REDUCED by $1.1B approximately in that time

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yes mikey2 and his friends do get share options - noone else does though
as for the price, well its > 12% lower than 12 months ago, nearly 20% lower than what ATOS offered for it 18 months ago, roughly same value as nearly 3 years ago when mikey2 was appointed and 64% lower than its peak 4 years ago when wall street still believed mikey1
for comparison accenture is 8% higher than a year ago, 26% higher than when ATOS were offering to buy DXC, 50% higher than nearly 3 years ago when mikey2 turned up at dxc and 100% higher than when dxc shares peaked in 2018 under mikey1

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